For Admissions call 844-749-1560
For Admissions call 844-749-1560

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you treat someone without a substance abuse diagnosis?

Yes, we do not require substance abuse diagnosis. Our program offers psychological testing, medication management and individualized treatment plans. We have a clinical staff that is specially trained to help those who suffer from mental illness find stability. Call and ask us about our schedule and how your loved one may benefit from attending Lifeskills South Florida.

Can I see my loved one?

We believe family is an important part of the treatment process. We ask that initially, that you give time for your loved one to focus on his or her needs and treatment program. Our family therapist will be in contact with you and family therapy will be conducted as recommended by your loved one’s primary therapist. We also offer and recommend our family weekend program on an invitation basis to help you be part of your loved one’s recovery process.

Can I call my loved one?

Contact and support from healthy friends and family is important. For the first week of treatment your loved one will not be able to make phone calls. If it is an emergency and you need to communicate with him or her, we ask that you contact his or her assigned family therapist. After this initial week, your loved one will be able to use our phone to call home.

How long does treatment usually last at Lifeskills South Florida?

Although lengths of stay typically average 3 to 4 months, we achieve positive outcomes because we do not put recovery on a timetable. The length of stay at Lifeskills South Florida is entirely dependent upon the unique needs of our clients, the complexity of their condition(s) and the rate at which progress is made. Clients are challenged to move as quickly as they are able toward community reintegration and achieving their personal treatment goals.

Can my loved one bring a laptop?

We provide monitored access to computers which helps your loved one stay focused on getting better and less on external distractions. We ask that no personal computers are brought to treatment because they can distract from the work that he or she needs to do.

Can my loved one bring a cell phone?

Yes, however it will be locked in the safe until appropriate level and then is used on passes only.

What type of individuals can benefit from treatment at Lifeskills?

Adults over the age of 18 who are suffering from alcohol and/or drug dependence, psychiatric and/or co-occuring disorders are appropriate for treatment at Lifeskills South Florida. Clients must be able to live in and benefit from a residential (therapeutic community) setting, be medically stable and not in need of acute detoxification.

Will my insurance cover treatment at Lifeskills?

We are an out of network treatment provider, however, we will accept most insurance plans with the exception of Medicaid and Medicare. Treatment at Lifeskills South Florida is determined by a team of clinical specialists, not by third-party payers. As a result, our clients get the treatment services they need and achieve better outcomes. Our private-pay status also secures the complete confidentiality of our clients. Clients and/or guarantors are responsible for all program costs.

What will treatment be like at Lifeskills?

Directly after admission to Lifeskills South Florida, you may expect to participate in the design and implementation of a treatment plan that is targeted on long-term recovery and community reintegration. You will participate in therapeutic activities seven days a week guided by a primary therapist. Residents live in well appointed town homes with up to three roommates, doing their own grocery shopping and meal preparation. Toward the end of the treatment you will be actively engaged in a work, school or volunteer setting. Expect to be challenged to work hard on your personal recovery program with assistance from staff and support from peers. You may also begin to have fun again and enjoy the sun, the culture and opportunities that South Florida has to offer.

What should I bring to Lifeskills?

You may bring personal clothing, toiletries (not containing alcohol) and other items that will help you feel more at home at Lifeskills. Towels and linens will be provided for you. Clients are expected to dress appropriately for both the treatment setting and climate. Provocative clothing is not allowed. Casual clothing, beachwear and potential work attire will be needed. Pets are not allowed. Client vehicles may be brought to Lifeskills South Florida when they are at the appropriate level of treatment.

What is your medication philosophy?

The use of medications, when appropriate, is a part of Lifeskills treatment regime. Lifeskills South Florida offers supervised self-administration of medications only when approved and/or prescribed by the Medical Director.

How long has Lifeskills South Florida been a treatment provider, and are you licensed?

Lifeskills has been providing state-of-the-art co-occuring disorder and psychiatric treatment services since 1991. Lifeskills is licensed by the State of Florida to provide Adult Residential and Outpatient programs.

How can I receive further information or be admitted to Lifeskills?

For further information you may contact us toll-free at 844-749-1560. Clients may be admitted to Lifeskills following a clinical assessment conducted by telephone.

When does Lifeskills South Florida admit clients?

While most admissions occur during business hours, Lifeskills South Florida can admit clients any day of the week 24/7. We understand crisis and family interventions do not occur during business hours only.

The Lifeskills admissions team specializes in assisting families with crisis admissions during evening or weekend hours.