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Co-Occurring Disorders

The Importance of Having a Relapse Prevention Plan in Addiction Recovery

Tuesday, 27 June, 2017

By: Dr. Michelle Quilter PsyD, CASAC

At Lifeskills South Florida, clients present to us at various stages in their recovery journey.  For some individuals, Lifeskills is their first experience in treatment, and for others, they have struggled through years of addiction and have been in and out of multiple treatment centers. Regardless of where our clients are on this path to recovery, our goal is to assist them in identifying warning signs and barriers to their recovery process to create an effective aftercare plan and maximize each individuals’ chance of success in recovery. (more…)

Depressive Symptoms Correlate to Relapse of Alcohol Use in Bipolar Patients

Wednesday, 9 November, 2011

Recent research findings confirm the clinical suspicion that depressive symptoms in bipolar patients with co-ocurring alcohol dependence are a powerful  trigger for relapse.

This is a good reminder that aggressive treatment of co-ocurring disorders is of paramount importance in reducing the risk of addiction relapse.

C. Benarroche MD
Medical Director

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