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For Admissions call 844-749-1560

Outpatient Specialty Groups

Applying Cognitive Behavioral Skills

Experiences in our life may contribute to the development of faulty thought patterns. These deficits in thinking can lead to behavioral problems amongst other losses such as relationships, job promotions, completing an education, and accomplishing other goals. This group teaches you how to apply CBT techniques to everyday life challenging and eliminating negative thinking.

Yoga and Mood Management

Yoga is a mental, physical, and spiritual discipline, a part of which includes breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, widely practiced for health and relaxation. This group focuses on all aspects of yoga integrating education and practice of meditation, physical asana, and discussion of mental and emotional processes. Concepts are taught to help you in managing mood, emotions, processing introspection, values, relationships, independence, spirituality, sobriety and much more.

Relapse Prevention

Changing people, places, and things associated with alcohol and drug abuse is imperative to decreasing chances of relapse. It is important to surround yourself with like-minded peers who are motivated to stay sober and make healthy friendships. Our relapse prevention program reviews skills and teaches techniques that have proven success in supporting abstinence. This group is also offered as a mental health relapse prevention group.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Advanced

Intense emotion can be overwhelming and cloud otherwise clear judgment. For some, it is much more difficult to manage their mood, and a program is needed to teach effective responses. Our DBT Advanced group already has a working knowledge of DBT and need additional help to implement skills. This group is a safe place to explore healthier styles of responding to emotion, resolve underlying problems more effectively, and help you feel more confident in your recovery process.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Impulsivity

Impulsivity of actions is a common characteristic of a dysregulated emotional state. Reacting to feelings rather than responding can lead to making decisions based on something that is transient. This group explores past ineffective behaviors, which have led to self-destructive patterns, teaches coping skills for urges and cravings to escape and helps you become more mindful of choices and actions.

Life Transitions

Life continues to evolve around us, and life coaching is helpful while you learn to trust your instinct. This group focuses on topics such as school, working, relationships, treatment, grief and loss, society challenges, self-esteem, etc. Learning how to accept and adjust to change helps you accomplish life goals.

Anger Management and Assertive Communication

Anger is often the default emotion accepted by society. Anger is not an unhealthy emotion; it is how you respond to your anger that can sometimes be unhealthy. This group focuses on changing unhealthy anger responses; recognize triggers for anger and healthy anger management. Assertiveness is a skill taught in this group to help alleviate resentment, bitterness, and anger.