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The Depression and Anxiety Cycle

Monday, 21 September, 2015

Depression and anxiety are closely related and they work together in an antagonistic way. Severe anxiety can cause depression due to the overwhelming fear that ‘it’ will not get better. Whether it is a situation, event or a memory from the past, once a person becomes paralyzed with fear depression and hopelessness are just around the corner. Many times people go to residential treatment for depression symptoms only to find out that anxiety is the root issue. A residential treatment for depression and anxiety will help you simultaneously eliminate both of these mood disorders.

When an individual attempts to manage moods without the intervention of a residential treatment for depression and anxiety, it can lead to seeking unhealthy alternatives. Drug and alcohol abuse, gambling, shopping and other forms of unhealthy behaviors become forms of self-medication for mood discomfort. Once the initial change in feelings ends, the uncomfortable emotion remains. From this we learn that temporary fixes only contribute to supporting the uncomfortable mood.

Addiction only makes depression and anxiety worse and the individual is often left with unresolved emotions. If there is an additional substance abuse issue involved, it is imperative to find a residential treatment for depression and anxiety that will address addiction too. Focusing only on addiction can hurt and cause more damage resulting in the need for immediate additional care. Proper guidance, education and healthy outlets help to stop the depression and anxiety cycle.

Rachel Rowitt, Ed.D, LMHC, CAP has worked in the field of clinical psychology for 15 years. She is a freelance writer who specializes in educating the community about the effects of mental illness, addiction and how to make effective changes. She has been affiliated with Lifeskills, a residential treatment facility for mental illness and addiction, for over 5 years. 

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