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Conversations at Lifeskills South Florida highlights new innovations in mental health and addiction treatment, the importance of customized treatment plans and more. Join us and our experts in the field as we uncover key topics to help bring more hope and freedom to recovery.


Providing Space and Time to Heal with Klay Weaver

Individuals with complex psychiatric disorders are often siloed into one specific type of treatment that may not address all of their needs, and Lifeskills South Florida CEO Klay Weaver believes that’s a major problem. In this episode, Klay explains why a customizable approach to treatment, especially when paired with a step-down approach that allows individuals to gradually reenter society, tends to deliver the best outcomes. He also stresses the importance of evidence-based best practices.

The Science Behind Technology Addiction with Dr. David Greenfield

It’s no surprise that people struggle with technology addiction; our devices were designed specifically to make us want to spend more time on them. Dr. David Greenfield, author and Consulting Director of Lifeskills South Florida’s Greenfield Pathway for Video Game and Technology Addiction, explains how technology impacts our brains, and he shares some common signs of tech addiction. He also unpacks the difference between overuse and addiction and shares some helpful tips for decreasing your phone usage.
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