2022 Clinical Outcomes and Key Findings

About Lifeskills South Florida

As a national center of clinical excellence, Lifeskills South Florida has been a trusted provider, dually licensed to treat complex psychiatric disorders, substance abuse disorders, and process addictions. Helping individuals in their recovery journeys for over 30 years, Lifeskills offers a full continuum of care including detoxification, intensive residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient levels of care along with transitional housing.

What Makes Lifeskills Different?


Dually Licensed

Lifeskills is one of the very few residential facilities in Florida dually licensed to provide treatment to individuals who present with either primary mental health or substance use disorders.

Fully Accredited

All levels of care are fully accredited by CARF and our transitional living services are certified by the Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR).

Clinical Expertise

Our treatment team includes a Quintuple-Board Certified Psychiatrist and licensed doctoral and master’s level clinicians with multiple certifications in their specialties.

Clinically Excellent Care Informed By Research and Training

LIfeskills has a tailored, comprehensive outcomes measurement approach that aligns with the diagnostic categories that we treat using our unique clinical pathways. Clients at Lifeskills participate in an integrated care regimen based on their individual clinical needs.

Our treatment team includes a quintuple board-certified physician as well as licensed doctoral and master’s level clinicians with multiple certifications in their respective specialties. Lifeskills utilizes a wide variety of evaluation tools to inform client care including:

  • Behavior and Symptom Identification Scale (BASIS-24), a 24-item assessment which identifies a wide range of symptoms and problems that occur across the diagnostic spectrum.
  • The Difficulties in Emotional Regulation Scale (DERS), which assesses the effectiveness of DBT.
  • The Drug Attitude Inventory (DAI-10), which demonstrates an individual’s positive endorsement of why they are taking their medication and adhering to the psychiatric protocol.
  • The Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS), which is a 24-item symptom scale used by clinicians to assess and measure psychiatric symptoms.
  • Short Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Rating Interview (SPRINT), a PTSD global assessment tool that assesses symptoms of intrusion, avoidance, numbing and arousal, and related aspects of PTSD.

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2022 Client Demographics and Diagnoses

Patient Complexity

79% of clients had 2 or more co-occurring diagnoses confirmed at admission


Primary Diagnosis

Secondary Diagnosis

Total Discharges: 303 | Average Length of Stay: 70 days

2022 Outcomes:
Lifeskills Residential Services

As pandemic restrictions eased in 2022, client symptom complexity and severity increased dramatically as those who delayed treatment during the previous period sought help. This growing acuity is a trend seen across the U.S. and Lifeskills responded with programmatic adjustments to care for those with more complex psychiatric conditions.

Behavior and Symptom Identification Scale (BASIS-24)

A tool designed to assess the outcome of mental health or substance abuse treatment from the client’s perspective.

4-Year Average Results

Difficulties in Emotional Regulation Scale (DERS)

A self-reported scale that assesses the effectiveness of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

Average Results

Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS)

A clinician-rated tool designed to assess change in severity of mental health symptoms and patient change in response to treatment interventions.

2022 Average Change

Anxiety 31%
Depression 42%
Suicidality 41%
Emotional Withdrawal 51%
Tension 34%

4-Year Longitudinal Average

Anxiety 45%
Depression 39%
Suicidality 51%
Emotional Withdrawal 44%
Tension 48%

Drug Attitude Inventory (DAI-10)

99% of Lifeskills clients use medication to help manage their mental health disorders. This inventory assesses client attitudes in taking their medications.
0 %
4-Year results of clients reporting a positive relationship with their medications
0 %
Of this 100%, 73% of clients reported a
positive attitude with their medications

Short Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Rating Interview (SPRINT)

Evaluates the symptom state of aspects related to PTSD along with symptom change over time.
0 %
Average Client Percent Change
0 %
Self-reported Change for “How much do you feel better since beginning treatment?”

What Our Alumni, Their Families, and Clinical Partners Are Saying

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“Wow, I can’t even imagine where to begin in my praises of this facility! For starters, I have never encountered a more sensitive and empathetic treatment team that so accurately customizes their treatment to each individual. From Dr. Ockman and my therapist, Sandy on the clinical side, to all the kind and generous technicians on the residential side, Gus, and John, in particular. Lifeskills is by far the quintessential treatment center for anyone struggling with substance abuse or dual diagnosis issues. Highly recommended!
– Grateful Lifeskills Alumnus
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“Lifeskills helped me in so many ways. They really changed my life mentality and helped me with my bipolar disorder as well as my addiction. They gave me coping skills for addiction and anger management, which has been great for communication. My relationships with my family have also improved tremendously. The staff has been amazing, both residential (especially Gus) and clinical staff – they are kind, help you with all your needs, and direct you in the most positive way. I would suggest Lifeskills to anyone in need of help in mental health and addiction.
– Grateful Lifeskills Alumnus
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Lifeskills South Florida was the perfect place to treat my child’s mental health and addiction issues. The staff ‘s qualifications and areas of expertise enabled my child to get the targeted therapy that was needed. The staff was always available to answer questions and treated my family with dignity and respect. I particularly appreciated the family therapy sessions. I would highly recommend Lifeskills.
– Grateful Family Member of a Lifeskills Alumnus
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Our family has faced many challenges and Lifeskills was a blessing for us. They have a very informative family weekend which helped our family grow closer. They helped us gain insights and the information they provided will be valuable for years to come. The employees are skilled professionals and saved our family. We cannot thank them enough.
– Grateful Family Member of a Lifeskills Alumnus
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Thumbs up for Lifeskills South Florida, where hope is transformed into healing. I had an amazing experience of professionalism, knowledge and positivity during my visit, and am happy to include Lifeskills into my portfolio of recommendations for mental health and substance use disorders.
– Susanne Johnson, CAI-II, CBI, CRS, EMR, Clinical Partner of Lifeskills
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As a licensed mental health professional who works with numerous programs across the country, I know that I can trust Lifeskills South Florida with my most complex referrals. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know and coming to trust the leadership and staff at Lifeskills. Dr. Ockman is extremely helpful and always accommodating with anything that might arise with a client. He provides sound leadership to his clinical staff, and I feel that as a team they bring an expert level of skill to assist the clients that are entrusted to their care.
– Matthew Abraham, Clinical Partner of Lifeskills

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