Supporting Our Jewish Community

Since 1991, Lifeskills South Florida has been a valuable partner to Jewish communities, helping individuals struggling with a mental health condition or substance use disorder get the help they need in an environment of support and respect.

What We Treat

Our Purpose and Programming

Lifeskills incorporates a respectful, dignified, and culturally sensitive milieu where the strengths of the individual are used for healing. Therapeutic interventions and treatment are provided via psychiatric and medical care, nursing, individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, case management, and ancillary services.
In addition to our evidence-based, highly effective, and culturally competent clinical programming, Lifeskills offers several activities and services to support each client’s individual needs, including:

Clinically Excellent Treatment Team

Tailored treatment is led by Rabbi Brandon Gaines with support from the Lifeskills Medical Director, Dr. Bober, and the Lifeskills Clinical Director, Dr. Ockman, as well as a dozen other licensed doctoral and master’s level clinicians with multiple certifications in their areas of expertise.

“At Lifeskills, we have a thriving Jewish community with unique needs, so we developed dedicated mental health treatment support for that community. We recognize that for an individual to be successful in recovery, they need to feel understood and welcomed, which is why we're proud to have a clinically excellent treatment team with expertise in this area. I'm grateful every day that I can practice my faith in my profession while helping others in need.”

- Rabbi Brandon Gaines, Group Leader


“Rabbi Gaines taught me to never give up. He helped me reconnect with a piece of myself that has been missing for a long time. Thank you Lifeskills for helping get my life back on track.” – Grateful Alumnus
“Lifeskills changed my life for the better in so many ways. The entire staff at Lifeskills was amazing and they all contributed to my journey towards wellness. A big shout out to Rabbi Gaines for his wisdom.” – Grateful Alumnus
"Rabbi Brandon Gaines and Dr. Krista were a part of my treatment here at Lifeskills. They were always there to listen and help me process the challenges coming from the exposure therapy. I would describe my time here as life changing in many ways.” – Grateful Alumnus

Locations and Levels of Care

We offer detoxification services, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs, as well as transitional living. Clients move through these programs as they progress toward recovery.
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