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An Interview with Florida Marchman Act Attorney Alan Levine – Part 1

An Interview with Florida Marchman Act Attorney Alan Levine – Part 1

Our Partnership

Lifeskills South Florida has been fortunate to work with Alan Levine, co-founder of Addiction Recovery Legal Services, LLC, on many complex Marchman Act cases. Since 1990, he has been a member in good standing of The Florida Bar and the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida.

Alan Levine’s Expertise and Wide Perspective

As a Florida Marchman Attorney, he has represented hundreds of individuals and families regarding drug addiction, mental health, and criminal issues. After representing Respondents in Marchman Act cases for four years, Alan began to realize he was on the wrong side of the table as he saw his cases dismissed and individuals avoiding necessary treatment. He knew there was a need to develop the area of law that would help families place a loved one into an addiction program successfully.

The Marchman Act

Specific to Florida, Florida Statute 397, also known as the “Marchman Act,” is a legislative act that provides confidential, a court ordered, assessment, stabilization, and treatment for individuals struggling with substance abuse.

How the Marchman Act Works

The Florida Marchman Act is a legal intervention process that can compel a substance abuser to get court ordered and monitored Assessment, Stabilization and long-term Treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction. The process begins by filing a Petition and Request for Assessment and Stabilization. The Petition and Request for Assessment and Stabilization, as well as other necessary forms, for those seeking to handle the court process without an attorney, can be found in the DCF Marchman Act Handbook. Also, the clerk of the court in the county where the petitioner seeks to file typically has the most current updated forms. When seeking help for a loved one in a court of law, an experienced attorney with a complete understanding of the Florida Marchman Act statute as well as the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure can and will increase your success in obtaining an assessment, stabilization, and treatment for your loved one.

Message from Alan

Addiction Recovery Legal Services, LLC is a boutique private Florida law firm that only concentrates on helping families deal with addiction through the  Florida Marchman Act. Our law firm handles all aspects of litigation involving the Florida Marchman Act.  As attorneys representing families, we ensure the successful implementation and use of this complex law. We have successfully handled thousands of Marchman Act cases.

The video below has been created to provide in-depth information regarding the implementation of this unique life-saving law.


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