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Breaking Free from Darkness: Jordan’s Lifeskills Journey

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Breaking Free from Darkness: Jordan’s Lifeskills Journey

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Meet Jordan, a Lifeskills alumnus, who courageously shares his remarkable journey of transformation. From a place of despair, Jordan found hope, healing, and a renewed sense of purpose at Lifeskills.

Before Lifeskills: A Desperate Struggle

Before I got to Lifeskills, I was in a pretty bad place. Emotionally, I was empty and wanted to kill myself. Relationship wise, I destroyed my relationship with my mother and all those around me. I was getting fired from jobs and couldn’t hold any down.

Choosing Lifeskills: A Beacon of Hope

My mom had done some research about different treatment centers in the area, and she asked me if I ever needed to go into a place, where I would want to go. I think that was when we decided on Lifeskills together before I got really bad. I’d been to another treatment facility in the past and I have to say, Lifeskills was much better in many ways.

The whole process of going there was pretty easy. I was required to go via the Marchman Act, but I was happy to go as I was previously living in filth and was wanting to kill myself. The admissions part was pretty fine—everyone was pretty nice, and I felt welcomed.

A Journey to Renewed Confidence

I think the biggest thing Lifeskills did for me was help me find confidence in the psychiatric drugs I was taking and the therapy I was receiving—I really felt like I was getting the best help possible and that I had to put all my cards on the table.

My family knew I needed to go to treatment and so did my friends. I personally loved Lifeskills. I enjoyed my therapist there and I still work with them to this day. I enjoyed the techs so much and as I remember vividly, they were very kind, sincere and would talk from the heart. I enjoyed my psychiatrist, Dr. Bober, who did more than just adjust my meds however I would like. Rather, my meds were adjusted as we both saw fit together and it was a team effort.

The groups are great—I loved the yoga that we did every morning, and one of my favorite things was to go grocery shopping as I didn’t have food or much of it before I came to treatment.

A Message of Hope: Small Steps, Big Changes

I now have a great job teaching tennis in Boca and since Lifeskills, I have been able to hold on to a steady job stringing rackets for four years while also teaching tennis. I’ve been able to work 50-to-60-hour weeks while maintaining tight relationships with the community: my church, the AA community, my family and I now have more friends than I could ever have imagined.

My final message for anyone seeking treatment and is considering Lifeskills as one of their options, and something that I also tell customers when they come to me looking for a new tennis racket or a re-string job, is that it’s not about big improvements but the small improvements that create momentum. It’s all the small steps that add up to a life of recovery.

Getting into Lifeskills was the first small step, having the right people to put me on the correct medication was the next, having a therapist that I trusted so much that I now pay out of my own pocket years later to continue working with them was another, as was getting into a halfway house that held me accountable to working in AA programs.

Embracing New Beginnings: Life After Lifeskills

It takes a lot of willingness to go into a treatment center and actually want to succeed. I recently spoke in an AA meeting the other day—this was my first time speaking—and I burst into tears because all I could say is how grateful I am to get my relationship back with my mom. We now talk almost on a daily basis, I see her at least at least once a week, and we even go on yearly vacations now. This year we went to Ecuador, next year we’re going to the Galapagos Islands, and we’re already planning Machu Picchu in 2025.

The point is, I never realized just how bad I was until my life became amazing. I think a lot of people coming in probably think their life has plateaued and it’s as good as it’ll get but with enough small steps in the right direction, you can go anywhere you want. I think being a Lifeskills alumnus means to give back to the program just as Lifeskills has given me my life back, and that’s what I plan on doing.

Special shoutout to Miguel, who is now the Director of Outpatient Services. I worked with him for a couple years after leaving Lifeskills and he helped me with a lot of things. He was a very accepting person and I credit him to a lot of growth that I’ve made—he’s amazing. Karen, the nutritionist, helped me lose about 40 pounds a year and a half ago and I still work with her to this day. The yoga instructor there was phenomenal – I’ve run into her at several places and she’s just the best. Whenever I had injuries, she would customize the yoga so that I could still do it.

My family therapist was great, and the tech, Gus, was really cool. Honestly, there are so many more I could name, as well as a handful of staff who have since moved on from Lifeskills but I have kept in touch with—I even play pickle ball with the former nighttime weekend manager, Chris!


Join Jordan on His Journey

As Jordan’s journey continues to flourish, he invites you to consider Lifeskills as a path to your own transformation. Just as Lifeskills gave him a second chance at life, it could be your opportunity for a brighter future.


Are You Ready to Take the First Step?

If you or someone you know is seeking help and considering Lifeskills as an option, remember that every small step counts. Reach out today and start your own journey towards recovery and renewal. Your life can become amazing too. Call us at 954-953-1742 or connect with us through our contact form.




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