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Depression and its Impact on Marriages

Depression and its Impact on Marriages

Depression is a mood disorder that can commonly onset immediately following a breakup or divorce with a partner. However, the condition can also be the leading factor in what caused the split between two people to begin with. Complications with mental health can wreak havoc on relationships which are already imperfect.

An individual battling depression will commonly show greater signs of anger or irritability, often feel hopeless or sad, withdraw from their partner and the activities they use to enjoy together or have no energy to do things as a couple. When one partner withdraws, the other partner will immediately become more self-conscious and automatically assume that they’re the root cause of this behavioral change. The other partner may even suspect that infidelity or a new love interest could be causing their partner’s lack of interest in the relationship. At this point, communication is more important than assumption.

Research has continuously proven that depressed individuals are less satisfied in their marriages and feel higher levels of frustration and distress. If depression is affecting sleeping patterns, they will become even more irritable and frustrated.  If you fear that your partner could be battling depression, it’s very important to encourage them to seek professional help via a therapist, psychiatrist or even a residential treatment center. Showing a lack of empathy will only deter progress and make matters worse. Depression is a serious mental condition that can trigger suicidal thoughts or even drug and alcohol abuse as a way to numb the mental pain.

Expect reluctance or even denial when approaching your partner about their behavior and or pursuing treatment. When they do decide to seek treatment, a medical professional will likely recommend a combination of remedies which may include prescribing an antidepressant. The patient may also be instructed to change their diet, engage in more exercise and strenuous activity or even learn to meditate. Yoga is the perfect activity for meditation, relieving stress and improving mood.

The signs of depression are much more obvious immediately following a divorce or split rather than out of the blue. The approach, however, is no different. One must seek treatment as soon as possible before symptoms worsen. Divorce is one of the most stressful life events a person will ever experience and both partners typically end up experiencing feelings of guilt and self-blame. If left unaddressed, these emotional scars will impact future relationships as well.

There are more than 15 million people in the United States battling depression on an annual basis. There are also nearly 1 million divorces in the United States each year. It’s important to remember that you’re not alone and to always take the necessary steps needed to improve and maintain your mental health as well as your marriage. LifeSkills South Florida specializes in the treatment of a wide array of mental conditions including depression with a family program that’s ideal for married couples. To learn more about our depression treatment programs, please contact us.



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