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Family Program adds Additional Support for Recovery

Family Program adds Additional Support for Recovery

By: Sara Arce, LMHC, CAP

The first step in mental health recovery is seeking treatment.  Your treatment journey is supported by clinicians, therapists, and nutritionists, but the most important support is that from your family and loved ones.

Studies show that 70% of people who drop out of a mental health treatment program do so after their first or second visit, making the support from family and loved ones vital to a successful recovery.

Although your personal support system cannot make treatment decisions for you, they can offer suggestions and input and can create a respectful healing environment within the family.  Once you enter treatment, your family and loved ones often feel nervous, defensive, angry, doubtful, excited, and a sense of relief.  These emotions are natural, and your family and loved ones also need support during your treatment journey.

Lifeskills South Florida values and recognizes the importance of your treatment and a strong support system. Participation by your family and loved ones is encouraged to ensure that the positive steps made are maintained once you leave treatment. The Therapeutic Family Weekend program was designed to offer your family members additional education on chemical dependency, psychiatric illnesses, and therapeutic approaches, as well as provide an opportunity to process family issues in a therapeutic and safe environment.  Working with our licensed clinicians, your family interacts with other families facing similar issues through open and honest communication. Sessions provide the opportunity to share personal goals and personal journeys as a loved one is affected by a mental health condition.

The Family Weekend Program offers families an opportunity to:

  • Personally grow
  • Learn how to support their loved one’s recovery and wellness process
  • Participate in structured therapeutic group work
  • Hear and participate in various lectures related to addiction, psychiatric illness, treatments and therapy approaches
  • Contribute to question and answer session with licensed professionals

Our program is designed to offer additional education and support that allows your family and loved ones to help you in recognizing and reducing added stressors that can exacerbate symptoms. Involving family and loved ones in the treatment process can decrease the chance of a relapse and improve the overall family environment. Lifeskills South Florida has an abundance of family resources available to you and your family on the road to your recovery. To learn more about our dual diagnosis treatment programs, please contact us.


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