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Finding True Purpose and Direction In Life

Finding True Purpose and Direction In Life

In your busy life, whether it is school or work, how often do you get caught up in the motions? Sometimes it feels like you are a robot walking around, being cordial with others but not feeling satisfied. This lack of satisfaction may stem from not knowing your purpose and direction in life. Without purpose and direction, it may feel like you are floating disconnected from others. This can lead to using people, places, alcohol, and drugs to feel better.

Alcohol and drug addiction, gambling, people-pleasing, shopping….well the list can be endless, I am sure you can think of a few I didn’t mention. Addiction traps you into feeling good and creates a false sense of connection. You hope that the temporary feeling will not be fleeting. But unfortunately, it does leave and you are left with feeling hopeless, depressed, and anxious and unfulfilled.

Purpose and direction are not easy to find but you do have it built inside you. Extra support may be needed to help peel away the layers hiding who you really are. Don’t struggle with attempting to figure this out on your own. Find a loved one, a professional or a qualified treatment center to help you find your true purpose and direction in life.

Lifeskills of South Florida is a co-occurring residential treatment center near Miami, Florida that can help you or a loved one stabilize mental health issues, manage personality disorders and break away from patterns of addiction. Our admissions staff can be reached at 954-953-1742.


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