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Path of Addiction

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Path of Addiction

Substance abuse is one of the most common addictions that family and friends notice. Addicts will describe initial alcohol and drug abuse as exciting, euphoric and free from worry, a break from responsibility. Others may state they become more confident, likable, and are more successful at work. Some claim they are only social users. What the individual may overlook is the aftermath of destruction that substance abuse leaves behind. Multiple DUIs, dropping out or flunking college semesters, ruined relationships and so on.

Family, friends, acquaintances and sometimes even strangers are affected by alcohol and drug abuse. Shameful confessions from addicts about cheating, lying and stealing leave them hiding from family and friends. This separation only contributes to the ongoing addiction. Unfortunately, isolation becomes a way of life because their loyalty lies with the substance of abuse. Addiction consumes the mind and body leading addicts to become obsessed with obtaining, using and avoiding the come down off drugs and alcohol. Addiction is exhausting and loved ones need help finding another path.

Once the decision is made to get help for substance abuse, relationships can be repaired, underlying mood issues can be resolved, goals can be completed and isolation reversed. School, work and family become the priority. Making the phone call for help is sometimes difficult. It is ok to offer a loved one help and assist them with finding the residential treatment they need. To learn more about the mental health and drug treatment programs at Lifeskills South Florida, please call our admissions office at 954-953-1742 or complete our contact form.


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