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Peter Hamilton launches an online community for Addicts in Miami Beach, Florida

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Peter Hamilton launches an online community for Addicts in Miami Beach, Florida

If you tried to paint a picture of an addict in your mind, you may automatically picture them as an irresponsible person that made poor life choices, as homeless or a criminal that’s deceitful and deviant. Those ideas couldn’t be further from the truth. Addiction doesn’t know a person’s age, gender, race, values or income. This terrible disease affects individuals from all walks of life.

Peter Hamilton of Miami Beach, Florida was one of those addicts that broke the stereotypes. Peter was a successful entrepreneur who had founded several payment processing firms and also had a wife with two children. Hamilton first checked into a drug rehabilitation center when he was 23 years old and fresh out of college. He was able to maintain his sobriety for nearly 15 years before finally relapsing in 2013 on prescription medication. After overdosing and entering treatment for the second time in his life, he discovered the importance of leaning on others in recovery and was inspired to return the favor.

Hamilton launched the online startup “Freedom From Addiction” earlier this year. The company is an online community that provides addicts and their families with educational material on addiction, advice from addiction treatment professionals and other treatment resources. Families can learn more about staging interventions, the enrollment process when seeking treatment as well as read testimonials from other addicts in recovery. Freedom From Addiction appeals to the addict that may not seek help publicly but is showing signs of a willingness to make a change. Hamilton also hopes that the company will be able to spread awareness and erase the longstanding stigmas associated with addiction.

Staff members at Seacrest Recovery Center in Boynton Beach are currently serving as advisors to the company. Individuals interested in learning more about Freedom From Addiction can do so by visiting

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