North Campus

The North Campus provides a home-like treatment environment for residents, featuring 24/7 residential supervision and support. This dedicated, private milieu is committed to providing customized care for adults (18 years and older) who need intensive supervision and stabilization.

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Why Was the North Campus Developed?

Designed to meet patients where they are and guide them to an improved quality of life, the North Campus proudly offers highly individualized services designed with a focus on more complex diagnoses.
In this closely supervised structure, individuals struggling with the most difficult mental health issues and/or addictions can find professional care and help through this comprehensive diagnostic and treatment option.

Program Components

Care Environment

The North Campus was thoughtfully designed to provide a haven for those requiring time for acclimation to the therapeutic milieu. The North Campus’ increase in private space is differentiated from the Main Campus, where a socialization model promotes interaction with others. With a focus on balance and healing, the North Campus permits separation without isolation. The property also includes areas for reflection, outdoor walking paths, sitting areas, patios, and water features. Similarly, the clinical curriculum mirrors this in terms of increased clinical sessions, supportive case management, medical care, and group therapy with housemates for cloistered group sessions specifically during residents’ time to take root in treatment.

Medication Storage and Management

A behavioral health technician office is located within one of the houses on the North Campus providing individualized support, medications, and biologicals as prescribed.
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