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Illustrated woman sitting with barbed wire wrapped around her.

Is Self-Harming Addictive?

Most of us are aware of the more common addictive substances and behaviors. Gambling, shopping, working, internet, or social media use, are just some examples of the various addictive behaviors prevalent in our society. But recent studies have shown that we can add another to that list: self-harm. How can the desire to harm oneself

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Two friends sitting on the couch. One woman holds the other woman's hand as they talk.

What to Say to Someone Who Self-Harms

It isn’t easy to know what to say if you suspect or know that someone you love is self-harming. Trying to figure out how to help a friend who’s self-harming can often leave you feeling powerless and incapable. You likely feel many emotions, from shock to confusion, frustration to fear. When you find out someone

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Close-up of woman picking at her hands.

Is Picking Skin Self-Harm?

Picking at a hangnail or dry patch of skin is common practice, but some people continue their picking of skin whether there is something to pick at or not. Skin picking is a condition characterized by repetitive and compulsive picking of the skin. People with the disorder continue the behavior to the point of bleeding

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Man leaning against the tree with his head in his hands and a helping hand reaching out to him.

How to Help Someone Who Self-Harms

Is there someone you know that might be harming themself? It’s a difficult line to tread when interacting with someone who feels the need to engage in behaviors that bring them pain, and the last thing you want to do is approach the process without a clear understanding of what’s right and wrong. Let’s dive

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